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The Loom and Company was started by two native Texan gals, Mckinsey and Lissa, who both have a love for color, design and curated spaces. After years of researching the market and connecting with the best of the best suppliers, The Loom and Company was born. Mckinsey and Lissa believe a rug is the most important part of a room and can be used to bring a space to life. Mckinsey has made her home in Tulsa with her husband and their children. Lissa lives in San Antonio with her husband and their two girls.
The Loom and Company is an online retailer offering authentic handmade rugs from Turkey and India. We work closely with 3 phenomenal suppliers whose businesses are each more than three generations old. We offer a curated collection full of 100% wool, handpicked colorful oushaks weaved with hand dyed wool by our artisans. Their art form is superb and a true labor of love. Our weavers complete around 20 knots per minute with over 288,000 knots a single 8x10 masterpiece. The average process to make an Oushak includes preparing the computer design, hand dyeing the wool, printing the rug map to scale, weaving, washing, trimming, binding and shipping. 
You can always be confident no child labor is used in the making of our rugs. 

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